Willy Washington starring Gary Adams – Can You See My Light review

House DJ, producer, songwriting legend and Knoziz Recordings co-founder Willy Washington has a blinding backstory to the genesis of this incandescent floorfiller par excellence, which he shares with you here.

The deep dancefloor dish that is Can You See My Light is served in three illuminating ways, pooling the incendiary electronic talents of The Criminal and Conan Liquid.

Stabby, spiky, while lunging headlong into soaring and ethereal in barely a blink of a beat, The Criminal’s What Could Be Mix trips the Light fantas-mic as it makes its euphoric climb, climb, climb to a head-spinning house resolve, after the klaxon of drop-the-beat neatness.

Conan Liquid (Crates Motel Mix ¬– nice Psycho ref there, diggers) pours heaps of Ibiza azucar into the irrepressible party proceedings. Thrill to crunchy bass foundations showing no signs of subsidence, while Gary Adams’ uplifting vocal line fires skyward a beacon of hope and joy. Conan’s dub reimagining of Light meanwhile pursues a driving groove topped off with a swirling outro that meet up at just the right time.

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